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This is an air-cooled remote condensing unit. This HVAC unit is servicing direct expansion cooling coils in an air handler inside the commercial building. This is an 80-ton system.

There are two separate refrigeration systems within this unit. Each one has three compressors, so, the whole unit has six stages of cooling. There’s eight condenser fans. Each system has four condenser fans.

Low ambient control (LAC) is intended to maintain system pressures at normal levels should indoor cooling be required when outdoor temperatures are low. The kit works by slowing the condenser fan to maintain head pressure by varying the air flow through the outside evaporator coil.

Low Ambient Control is accomplished by cycling on outdoor temperature three of the fans and then the one that’s left running all the time has a set of dampers on it that are pressure actuated to open and close. So this unit can run down to pretty cool outside temperatures if it has to.

The control panel and electrical power panel is in here. There’s quite a bit to this. Not as crazy as it sometimes gets in this business. Again, this is only an 80-ton machine. One of most important things about servicing this commercial piece of equipment is to understand the electrical and the controls and the way we do that is by understanding how to read an electrical wiring diagram. There’s quite a bit to that, but that’s the road map for how this system operates and that’s how you’re going to figure out most of the time what’s wrong if it’s not operating properly.

If your HVAC equipment looks similar to what you have seen in this video, you have a commercial cooling condensing unit. Ambrose Mechanical Services is made up of experts at servicing all types of commercial and home HVAC units, and we are well know in Upstate NY for handling problems that no other company can solve.