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This is a small, water-cooled liquid chiller.

It services a rectory and office church. We installed this chiller in about 1999 to replace the original which was installed in 1963. This chiller has a semi hermetic compressor. It has two electric unloaders on it. It’s a six-cylinder compressor and it can unload down to two cylinders so it can run at 33% capacity. The evaporator is a plate style heat exchanger. The water that circulates to the indoor spaces is circulated by circulator pumps. They pump water through the evaporator back to the system. The water-cooled chiller is cooled with a shell and tube condenser. You can see it located on the bottom there and that water is circulated outside to an open style cooling tower.

This is the cooling tower for our water-cooled liquid chiller located outside the building. It’s an open tower because the water that pumps through the condenser downstairs pumps right up through the tower to spray jets on top and drips down across the medium into the sump and flows back downstairs to be pumped through the condenser of the chiller again. There is a single fan on this one drawing air through to help evaporatively cool the water.